The Tharandter Futureday 2024

November 26, 2024

What is the Tharandt Future Day?

A forestry careers fair for Tharandt!

Studying forestry in Tharandt is diverse and arouses interest in a wide variety of areas. With so many future prospects to choose from, it is often difficult to decide where to go after completing a Bachelor's or Master's degree. After successfully completing a forestry degree, students are offered many opportunities - some of which they may not even have thought about, or they may still have one or two questions about the dream job they have been aiming for for a long time.

It was precisely these thoughts and uncertainties, which certainly plague many students when choosing a career, that inspired the THARANDTER GESPRÄCHE 2024 team to organize this year's event as a career fair!

The THARANDTER GESPRÄCHE were launched in 2009 as a forestry science conference organized by students. We offer all people interested in forestry, especially us students, the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn together. The THARANDTER GESPRÄCHE are known far beyond the borders of Tharandt and were successfully held again in 2023 after a long break. So far, the event has focused on scientific lectures, interactive workshops and informative excursions, as well as our Forsti after-party, of course.

But this year we have come up with something different! The first Tharandt forestry careers fair, our "Future Day", is designed to facilitate mutual exchange between employers and young talent.

What should the Future Day look like?

Our Future Day is scheduled for November 26, 2024 and will open its doors to all visitors from 9:00 am.

We would like to transform the Tharandt campus into a typical careers fair this Tuesday. Employers will be presenting their companies at exhibition stands and will be able to talk to interested visitors. In addition, we would like to make our fair even more interactive through workshops and lectures, thus also incorporating the character of the previous THARANDTER GESPRÄCHE.

VORLÄUFIGER ABLAUFPLAN (Genaueres werden wir zeitnah ergänzen)

9:00 UhrBeginn der Veranstaltunggesamter Forst Campus
9:30 Uhr – 10:00 UhrEröffnung des Tharandter ZukunftstagesJ1
10:00 Uhr – 10:30 UhrBerichte aus dem Leben von ForststudierendeJ1
10:30 Uhr – 11:00 UhrPause gesamter Forst Campus
11:00 Uhr – 12:30 UhrWorkshopblock 1 (Facetten der Forstwissenschaft)gesamter Forst Campus
11:00 Uhr – 14:00 UhrMittagessen (Mensa Tellerrandt)Mensa
14:00 Uhr – 15:30 UhrWorkshopblock 2 (Softskills)gesamter Forst Campus
16:00 Uhr – 17:00 UhrVorträgeJ1
17:00 Uhr – 18:00 UhrAbschlusstalkJ1
18:00 Uhr – 2:00 UhrForstipartytba.

Who are the organisators?

This year, the Tharandt Future Day is being organized by Clara Lindner, Elisabeth Viehweger, Miriam Hausl, Konstantina Fotiadi, Jacob Riedel, Jesper Horst, Anna Katthöver and Luis Krast - a motivated team of volunteer forestry students. Our supporting association "Bildung und Leben in Tharandt e.V." has been making the THARANDTER GESPRÄCHE possible since 2009.

The THARANDTER GESPRÄCHE offer a good opportunity to make new contacts and to develop communication and organizational skills. It's a lot of fun to work on a project like this together and then - after a planning period that usually lasts a year - to be able to enjoy the results of this work with all the participants.

If you are also studying in Tharandt and would like to take part, please contact us at!

How can I participate?

Arbeitgeber*innen und Standbetreuer*innen

Were you convinced by our idea? That makes us very happy! Click here to register for stand supervisors.

Student visitors

Would you like to take advantage of this unique opportunity and be there on 26.11.2024? Then just come along! Entry is free of charge.

Information for stand supervisors - a summary of the most important points

Event location:

The Tharandt Future Day will take place on Tuesday, November 26, 2024. For the careers fair, we use the premises of our campus of the Forest Sciences branch of TU Dresden. This has plenty of usable parking spaces. The event starts for participants at 9:00 a.m. and is expected to end at 6:00 p.m.


Setting up the exhibition stands

You can choose from the following options for setting up your stands:

Aufbau 1 – 25.11.202414:3016:00
Aufbau 2 – 25.11.202416:0017:30
Aufbau 3 – 25.11.202417:3019:00
Aufbau 4 – 25.11.202419:0020:30
Aufbau 5 – 26.11.20246:007:30
Aufbau 6 – 26.11.20247:309:00

Wir werden bezüglich der genauen Planung (Abfrage Aufbauzeiten, Ihre benötigte Standgröße, Steckdosen, …) zeitnah auf Sie zukommen.

Dismantling is planned from 18:00 after the end of the event.

Schedule Tharandt Future Day 2024

Ein finale Ablaufplan wird hier zeitnah veröffentlicht.

Your exhibition stand

We will plan the distribution of the exhibition stands once all registrations have been received. Please register for the career fair by August 4, 2024. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Conditions of participation

Participation in the careers fair is free of charge. Nevertheless, we are particularly pleased about donations. They give us more creative freedom and planning security in the preparation of the Tharandt Talks 2024.

All further information on the subject of "Donations" can be found here. Of course, we also issue donation receipts for donations received. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to


We ask for your understanding if we need a little more time to reply to you. We work on a voluntary basis and will do our best to help you as quickly as possible!

If you have any suggestions, questions or criticism, please do not hesitate to contact us at