Even in the middle of the pandemic, students were able to take part in the Tharandt Talks from home. The talks dealt with current issues relating to forestry in a changing climate and were offered in digital form over the course of several weeks.


Prof. Klaus Töpfer led the series of events to Saxon Switzerland and Dresden with the aim of taking a closer look at the urban trees there. We were able to welcome a total of 70 participants from all German forestry colleges.

Patrons have been Prof. Dr.  Klaus Töpfer, Thomas Schmidt  (former Saxon State Minister for the Environment and Agriculture) and  Philipp zu Gutenberg  (former president of the AGDW – The Forest owners).


After a shorter break, 70 participants from Germany, Austria and Poland gathered again in Tharandt. From June 10 to 13, we could discuss in diverse workshops and inform ourselves about the wolf on the excursion to the Königsbrücker Heide.


Again, four days from May 11 - 15, 2011, different workshops could be offered. Also this year our excursion led all 70 participants to the Tharandt area.


Die zweiten Tharandter Gespräche fanden vom 26. bis zum 30. Mai 2010 statt.  Mit insgesamt 70 Teilnehmern ging es zu einer Tagebaurekultivierungsfläche bei Senftenberg – eine praktische Ergänzung zu den parallel stattfindenden Workshops.


The first Tharandt Talks took place from March 24 - 27, 2009. An excursion to Saxon Switzerland, a guided tour through the Great Garden as well as various workshops were organized for more than 60 participants. The foundation for the following series of events was laid.